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Swaprol Airdrop is worth 50 SWPRL tokens (~$ 20). Share your referral link to earn 5 SWPRL tokens (~$ 2) for each referral. 

How to join:

  • 1. Register for the Swaprol Airdrop, by creating an account
  • 2. Join Swaprol on Telegram Group. (+ 10 SWPRL)
  • 3. Join Swaprol on Telegram Channel. (+ 10 SWPRL)
  • 4. Follow Swaprol on Facebook. (+ 5 SWPRL)
  • 5. Follow Swaprol on Medium. (+ 5 SWPRL)
  • 6. Follow Swaprol on Twitter. (+ 10 SWPRL)
  • 7. Share the last post on Twitter. (+ 10 SWPRL)
  • 8. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details to the Swaprol Airdrop page.
  • 9. Share your referral link to earn 5 SWPRL tokens (~$ 2) for each referral.

Note: Swaprol smart contracts have not been audited yet, use at your own risk!

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More about Swaprol

Swaprol platform aims to provide a convenient opportunity for cross-exchange arbitrage trading. Swaprol has created bots for automated trading, you don't have to hire programmers to develop a special program for arbitrage and try to explain what you need. The program's user-friendly interface will help you trade in manual mode, which sometimes makes it difficult to create quickeee orders, as exchanges differ in design and functionality. Also, a price difference is always displayed, which helps you make quick decisions. Additional trading functionality in 1 Click and automatic trading will be a great help for cross-exchange arbitrage trading for more than 600 tokens. SWPRL token is available on Uniswap.org.

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